Ask These 4 Questions Before Giving Up

Most people give up not because of limited resources, but limited mindset they put on themselves.

Ask yourself these 4 questions when you are stuck on a problem or thinking of giving up:

1. Do I have to do this to achieve my ultimate goal?

Never do anything without knowing why first. This question is to confirm that this problem is worth your effort.

Notice it’s “Ultimate goal”.

2. Have I tried every possible way?

Have you gone around the whole building and identified every possible passway? Be exhaustive, list out all the ways you can think of. But if your answer is yes, keep asking the following questions.

3. What’s the line I drew for myself?

Don’t limit yourself. Not even with rules that others made.

If all three doors are closed, can you jump over the fence? Can you create a new way that no one thought about before?

Be creative, be rebellious.

4. Am I persistent enough?

You can achieve almost any goal if persistent enough, it’s just that we have limited resources, so we have to give up some of them. (Well, most of them.)

But if you think this problem is worth your effort, then just keep trying. Most of the time you can get your chance just by simply asking again and again. And remember, you need only one chance.

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