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Reality: 集体利益 ≠ 个人利益  | 2023.4.11

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集体利益 ≠ 个人利益。

  • 老板给你说,公司好了,大家就都好了。是吗?公司销售额翻10倍,你的工资最多也就翻1倍,但是同时你身上的KPI至少也会翻1倍,而且你付出的其他成本也会成倍增长。比如说你的时间,健康,亲密关系。这些都是你生命中最重要的东西。多少上市公司的副总都是睡在公司的,没有自己的生活,而且很多都有抑郁。记住,公司只有两类人——老板和员工,而这两类人有本质的不同。公司只有一种人是老板——能决定公司任何人工资和任免的人。总经理、小股东都不算老板。可以问问你自己,你是吗?
  • 社会给你说,什么年龄就要干什么事。是吗?有多少人在乎你是不是在做自己喜欢的事?在乎你是不是真的快乐?甚至你的父母也是一样。
  • 国家给你说,年轻人要去工厂,要努力买房。是吗?当然了,一个背上房贷,按时结婚,按时为国家产出下一代人力资源,平时努力创造GDP,节假日抓紧时间消费,干得动时把工作所得释放给银行,干不动了把工作所得释放给医院。想得少,干的猛,忍的多,不搞事,这样的人口红利国家能不喜欢吗?可是,你自己得到的是什么?



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– Naval Ravikant




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Ted Wild

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Reality: Group Interest ≠ Individual Interest  | 2023.4.11

Happy Reality Day! Here is your weekly dose of reality to help you live 1% happier.

1 Insight From Me

Group interest ≠ Individual interest.

  • Your boss says that if the company goes well, you will too. Really? If the company’s sales increase by 10 times, your salary will double at most, but don’t forget, your KPI will also double at least. More importantly, other hidden costs you pay will also increase exponentially, things like your time, your health, and your relationships. These are the most important things in your life. Many VPs of listed companies sleep in the company and have no life of their own, many even suffer from depression. Remember, there are only two types of people in a company—bosses and employees—and they are fundamentally different. Only one kind of person in the company is the boss—the person who can decide the salary, appointment, and dismissal of anyone in the company. Neither the general manager nor the small shareholders are bosses. So, are you?
  • Society tells you to do what you should at the “right” time. Really? How many people care if you are enjoying what you are doing? If you are happy? Sometimes, even your parents don’t.
  • Your country tells you that young people should go to factories and work hard to buy houses. Really? Of course, for the system designers, if one has a mortgage on his back, gets married on time, produces the next generation of human resources for the country on time, works hard to create GDP in workdays, spends a lot of money on holidays, gives back his income to the bank when he is working, and to the hospital when he stops working. Think little, work hard, endure more, and don’t cause trouble. How can the government not like it? But what do you get from it?

Group (or organization) is just a concept that humans created for mass corporations. What lies between group interests and individual interests is one thing – the distribution mechanism.

Be aware of where you stand on the distribution mechanism.

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1 Insight From Others

What society wants for you is not what’s always good for you.

The objective of any group is to seek consensus, so it often makes a lot of truth unacceptable. but the objective of the individual is to seek truth.

– Naval Ravikant

1 Question For Yourself

Stop what you are doing and take 3 minutes to think:

If you keep working in your current job for another 5 years, what your salary will be like? What will you pay for these 5 years? Could be time, health, family, and the opportunity cost of doing something you truly enjoy.

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1 Small Step To Take

For the next week, every time you listen to your company’s colleagues, the leaders in the news, or people on TikTok or Instagram, ask yourself: “Where is this person’s ass seated? Is what this person said good for him or good for you?”

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Until next week,

Ted Wild

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