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Reality: Forget Grit, Change Your Environment

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1 Insight From Me

Want to lose weight, but can’t stick to it? You are not alone. After changing/finding a job, you will find that you have lost weight without knowing how.

Knowing you shouldn’t eat snacks, but can’t help it? Don’t let your family buy it for you again. Why buy snacks, put them in your face, then resist it with grit? Wouldn’t it be better not to buy them in the first place?

Does your relationship with your boyfriend often stress you out? Get another boyfriend. Don’t bear the pain and tell yourself that he will change.

Work is not productive? Change your work environment. If you work from home, go to a public place such as a coffee shop to work. If you are working in a company, reduce the interruption of others. These are much more effective than setting alarms or pinching your thigh.

Want to be more successful in business? Change where you live. Go to the place where the people in your field are most concentrated, where the masters in this industry are at. Much more useful than building your own car behind closed doors.

What is environment? The people around you, where you live, the organization you are in.

If you want to see an environment clearly, you need to leave it first.

Only then can you meet new people, see new possibilities, and have new perceptions. The people, information, and atmosphere around you in the new environment will make you change unconsciously.

It’s like the coders in the Bay Area don’t work hard but they are all at the forefront of the Web3 world.

One day when you look up in the mirror, you will suddenly find that it’s not the same person any more.

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1 Insight From Others

Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior. We tend to believe our habits are a product of our motivation, talent, and effort. Certainly, these qualities matter. But the surprising thing is, especially over a long time period, your personal characteristics tend to get overpowered by your environment.

― James Clear

1 Small Step To Take

“Keep it away” and “Keep it handy”.

  1. “Keep it away”:

Write down one change you would like to achieve;

Write down the point that currently prevents you from changing;

Put some barriers on this point.

For example, if you want to read a book (change), but you always swipe your phone unconsciously (blocking point), you can keep your phone in the hand of a family member, or put it in a bag and lock it in a drawer (put it away).

We are lazy. Although you can still get your phone in theory, it’s quite troublesome, so most of the time you won’t do it.

  1. “Keep it handy”:

At the same time, you can also put the things you want to do nearby.

For example, open the book and put it on the table you usually sit on.

In this way, you can start watching it at your fingertips, and by the time you realize it, you may have been watching it for a long time.

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