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Reality: Schools Are Not For Knowledge

Read on  | 2023.9.12 | #27

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1 Insight From Me

Have you ever thought about this: the skills we need to live a good life are not taught in schools.

How to keep healthy, what mentality to face life, how to face failure, how to solve problems, how to make decisions, how to find a partner, how to communicate with people, how to persuade others, how to find life purpose, how to find a job that suits you, What are the operating rules of this society? All these skills needed to live a good life are not taught in schools.

To fail completely, what we think is the main role of school – to teach us the skills we need for work so that we can eventually find a good job – has also failed, because most of what we learn is useless at work.

So what exactly do schools teach? what is happening here? Why has this kind of thing existed for so many years?

What you need in a simple perspective change, from the perspective of the consumer to the designer, then the answer is suddenly clear.

The main role of school has never been teach you to live a good life, nor to cultivate your work skills, but to:

  • Raise children for parents so that parents can have time to go to work and create value for society;
  • Put young people in schools and give them something to do, so that they will not become gangsters in society and become a factor of instability;
  • Train your obedience so that after graduation, you will be easier to manage for companies and the government;
  • Use exams to filter people with high IQ and high obedience;
  • Let you have a social life and grow up with peers;
  • Finally, it will give you the most basic general knowledge, but not practical skills for jobs.

Teaching knowledge is incidental and the least important purpose.

This is why schools rarely encourage critical thinking. If you criticize, you won’t obey.

This is why schools rarely encourage you to be creative. The exams are all about who has done more practice and can memorize more facts and solutions. Creative answers will be marked with a red cross.

High school just asks you to get high scores, no one teaches you how to choose a major in college.

No one in college teaches you what your purpose is, and no one teaches you how to find a job.

Because the purpose of school has never been to teach you knowledge and live a good life.

1 Insight From Others

I’ve never let my school interfere with my education.

― Mark Twain

1 Small Step To Take

“Change seats”:

When you can’t understand something, just change your perspective, sit on the other characters involved in the matter, and re-read it, and you will be able to understand the reasons why.

This also applies to people and things you don’t like. For example, if you don’t like people from a certain province, what you need to do is to get to know them and try to sit in their shoes.

PS: What does “mentally strong” mean?

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