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Reality: How To Be Luckier In 2024

2024.1.2 | #43

Happy Reality Day! Here is your weekly dose of reality to help you live 1% happier↓

1 Insight From Me

There are 4 types of luck:

1. Blind luck. Pure random luck.

2. Hustle luck. Running around, try a lot of stuff, and you will be more likely to encounter luck in the process. Compared with blind luck which is sitting and waiting, hustle luck is more proactive and has a higher probability.

3. Spot luck. Once you master a field to a certain extent, you can see many opportunities in this field that others cannot.

4. Suck luck. Create a unique reputation so that others can be attracted to you. Yes, let luck come to you.

The last one is the hardest, but also the best.

This wisdom that “the best way to find luck is to draw luck to you” actually applies to all walks of life.

The best way to find a job is not to put your resume into 100 inboxes, but to spread your reputation and let headhunters find you.

The best way to find a partner is not to “chase”, but to “wait”, make yourself attractive, and wait for partners to line up to find you.

The best way to find happiness is not to get money and status, but to take good care of yourself, happiness will naturally come to you.

The best way to find luck is to let luck come to you.

(The above insights mainly come from Naval Ravikant. )

1 Insight From Others

You want the kind of reputation that makes people do deals through you

― Shaan Puri

1 Small Step To Take

“Suck luck”

Think about something you want to accomplish recently, be it work, relationships, or any other aspect.

Then think about this: would it be better if you go the other way, go long-term, and build something so shiny that once you show it others will come to you?

For example, when looking for a job, first make a portfolio of your best work.

When looking for a partner, first make yourself famous in some aspect.

A very small aspect is all you need.

PS: Happy New Year 2024!

Hope you have so much luck that you live in choice delima every day.

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