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2024.2.27 | #51

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Believe In Fate

You like someone very much and want to “get” him, but he doesn’t like you.

You want to have a close relationship with a powerful person and learn from him, but he ignores you.

You meet one person, and this person introduces another person. In this way, you get to know many people. Some of these people are people you want to date, but in the end, what determines who will be able to have a deep friendship with you?


Fate is the match between people’s states.

You are in your current state, and the people you know now also have their own states. Whoever matches your state and can attract each other is fate.

Fate cannot be controlled or forced.

The state of two people is constantly changing. Meeting someone right at the wrong time is the same as meeting the wrong person.

It’s possible that after a few years, the two people’s situations and thoughts will change, and they will become a match.

But you still may not be able to have a deep relationship.

Because there’s another thing that comes into play here – luck.

Two people who are matched now may not be able to have a deep relationship due to various random events. For example, right when you were planning to add someone on WeChat, something came up and you got interrupted, and you lost touch forever. This is luck.

Luck is part of fate.

Belief in fate means that relationships with other people cannot be forced.

You can take the initiative to meet many people and build relationships with a lot of them. But in the end, who likes you and who doesn’t is not something you can control.

If you “can’t get him”, accept it.

Because we must love ourselves first. For the rest of life, just let it happen naturally.

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Ted Wild

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