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2024.3.12 | #53

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party friends

You are at a party now, there are many people in the house.

With your phone in your hand, you want to take a photo and send it on Instagram.

You look around and see that:

A girl is happily dancing to the music with her friends

A man is sitting in the corner, drinking sullenly.

Another man just got promoted, and several people around him were raising glasses to congratulate him.

A girl who had just broken up is crying and scolding his ex-boyfriend with her friends.

Another girl is scrolling through his phone boredly

A guy just eating with both hands like crazy

Two people got into a fight after drinking

Two people are making out on the couch


Many people are doing many things,

However, you can only take one photo.

Who would you point your camera to?

No matter who you point to, people who see this photo on Instagram will think that this party is like that.

Your life is this party.

At any moment, good things are happening and bad things are happening.

Your attention is the camera in your hand. Where you direct your attention determines whether you are happy or unhappy at this moment.

Where you are habitually directing your attention determines whether you will be happy or unhappy in this life.

Of course, you should also notice the drinking guy, but only to solve his problem instead of immersing in the sadness with him. Not only will it not help him get out of his state, but it will also waste your time.

No matter what you are doing at this second, whether you are happy, sad, or peaceful,

As long as you want to, you can think of something that makes you happy and instantly put a smile on your lips.

Because the camera is in your hand, it’s up to you where you want to point it.

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Ted Wild

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