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2024.4.2 | #56

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Burst The Bubble Around You

During my high school years, I would go to an Internet cafe to play online games almost every week. But on the day I chose my major after the college entrance examination, I didn’t even think about spending 5 seconds to open Baidu and search for “how to choose a major.”

As a result, I blindly chose a major that I didn’t like and wasted 10 years of my life.

For all four years in college, a huge library stood right in the middle of the campus. I passed by it every day, but I never thought of reading the books inside. It was only after 3 years that I realized the importance of reading and realized that I had wasted the most precious years.

When the Internet in China first emerged, I browsed Weibo every day for several years and consumed content, but I never thought of outputting content on it.

I started mining Bitcoin with online mining machines in 2012, but I didn’t realize the potential of it. Bitcoin became popular 8 years later, but I can’t even remember which website I used at that time.

The Internet, smartphones, Weibo, WeChat, choosing a major, choosing a job…each of these is something that can completely change the direction of my life, but looking back, there were only six words – “It just didn’t occur to me.”

It’s not that there are no resources, it’s not that there’s no ability, it’s not that there’s no opportunity. Just didn’t think about it.

It is precisely these six words that make the gap between people wider and wider.

The biggest limitation that families place on people is not resources, but mindset.

You obviously have resources in your hands, you just never think of using them, and then you waste 5, 10, 20 years, or even a whole lifetime.

Everyone is in the same world, but everyone lives in a completely different world.

Everyone lives in a bubble.

What’s even more frightening is that we don’t know the existence of this transparent bubble.

In fact, as long as you raise your hand and poke it gently, the bubble will burst and another world will open up.

The problem is that I simply didn’t “think” about it.

Like this line of code in the program in the brain was deliberately omitted.

So how to break through the restrictions of family and burst this bubble?

Read books and know people.

If I met a classmate in college who was working as a Weibo content creator, I would realize that I could also do that.

If I had seen the sentence “All the great people I know, without exception, are people who read a lot of books” in a book earlier, I would not have wasted the university library.

Life will be another one, and a better one.

Same to you.

From the moment you read this weekly report, no matter where you go, whether you are eating or sleeping, you should always remember this bubble around you.

Then keep raising your hand and bursting it.

Until next week,

Ted Wild

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