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2024.4.9 | #57

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We are going down.

Have you ever searched “Who will win the war between China and the United States”?

In the answers, people start to make comparisons between weapons. How many tanks do you have, how many cannons do I have, how fast does your plane fly, and how far does my missile go?

This fucking misses the point.

What is the core? It’s the two words we have been talking about again and again – mindset.

To do anything successfully, the most important thing is mindset, followed by thinking, methods (tools), then knowledge.

The same goes for countries. Whether a country can win a war depends on whether it has the determination to win.

The Communist Party was so poor that it started with knifes, had to pick up all its weapons, with a hungry stomach. However, it not only defeated the Kuomintang, which had advanced weapons and was extremely rich, but also withstood the most intensive attack in the history of mankind on the Korean battlefield, which scared the shit out of Americans. Whoever dares to bully me will be beaten until he kneels on the ground and calls daddy. This kind of will is the core of winning.

But it’s different now.

Currently, among Chinese officials above the ministerial level, 74.5% of their sons have U.S. green cards, and 91% of their grandchildren are U.S. citizens. He also keeps his assets in Europe and the United States, hides his passport under the bed, and is ready to run away at any time.

The middle class are all working overtime and are dizzy. Have you bought a house? Do you have enough money for milk powder? Then why worry about the country?

As for ordinary people on the street. If China and the United States start fighting, would you be willing to go to the battlefield? Will your interview be on TV? If so, then yes.

This will thing has evaporated from the land of China. No matter how advanced the aircraft is, it still needs people to operate. If the mentality is gone, the battle will be lost.

So… What is the purpose of this newsletter?

Brainwash you and let you know that mindset is the most important thing in your life.

Then follow me obediently and learn to live happily.

Until next week,

Ted Wild

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