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2024.4.16 | #58

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Two Doctors

Go to a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and the doctor will determine the cause based on your symptoms.

But it’s very common that often the same symptom have two causes. So what do doctors do at a time like this?


The doctor will first prescribe medicine targeting one of the causes, and ask you to go back and take it for a week, then check again.

If it doesn’t get better, he’ll prescribe medication for the other cause next time, then it can start to really make a difference.

The problem is that many people give up after the first week and go see another doctor.

Then repeat the process.

Maybe the second doctor prescribes the right medicine the first time, so you think the first doctor is shit and the second doctor is genius.

In fact, they may be equally skilled.

If you feel that what you are doing is in the right direction and is what you really want to do, then stick to it.

Because when you hop around, every transition involves a process of break-in before growth can begin. During this break-in phase, your progress is negative.

It also wastes your most valuable asset – time.

two doctors -

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Ted Wild

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