This Is How To Follow Any Human-made Rules: Don’t

There is only one way to use any of the human-made rules in this world: Know the consequences of your action, make your cost/benefit analysis, and act accordingly.

There is no need to follow any human-made rule, ever.

We need to follow all natural rules, such as Newton’s laws of motion, or humans are emotional creatures, or the rule of all rules. But human-made rules only serve the people who made them, so they can run part of this world. So screw all those rules.

In the rest of this article, I will just use “rule” for human-made rule.

A lot of rules are just wrong.

Slavery was a rule.

Women need to be buried alive with their dead husbands in China 400 years ago.

Or, this one: It’s illegal to eat an orange while taking a bath.

A lot of rules are arbitrary.

Americans drive on the right lane, and Englishes drive on the left.

Japanese enjoy slurping noodles, Chinese don’t.

Sometimes no one knows why there are certain rules.

“Here, a rule, shut up and follow it. “

A lot of rules are outdated.

Vanderbilt built his railroad empire by breaking the outdated laws of America.

Cryptos have been around for over a decade, but no government knows how to regulate them, and a lot of governments just simply ban cryptos before they figure it out.

Innovation always comes before the law.

A lot of rules are oversimplified to be one-fit-all.

There is this rule of “No pets on the subway” in China.

Not even a little puppy in my backpack, when no one even will notice?

Well, maybe? But it’s too complicated to make this rule if to consider all sizes and types of pets, this one rule will be as long as the constitution and impossible to execute.

So they ban all pets. Simple and easy.

But if you do sneak a healthy puppy in your backpack onto the subway, what harm does that cause?

All human-made rules will change over time.

Do what you decide to do, and be ready to bear the consequences.

That’s it.

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