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Reality: Don’t Try To Do Both

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1 Insight From Me

I went fishing days ago.

My friends tempted me with various benefits, but what attracted me the most was that the location was by the river, with green mountains, blue waters and fresh air, so I would feel relaxed when I went there. I imagined that scene and … let’s go!

Only after I went there did I realize that this is not fishing, this is Man vs. Wild… Departure at 5 am, went back at 10 pm, only drank water, and did not eat for 17 hours a day, under the 37 ℃ sun…

But the main thing is that fishing is not actually relaxing.

Although the environment is beautiful, in fact, I spend most of the day staring at the float a few meters away, monitoring whether there are any fish hooked all the time, and I can’t let go of my eyes and look far away to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Even if I glanced at the distant scenery, I immediately pull my eyes back to the float.

I just stared at the float for a while and felt bored, looked at the distance and felt worried, jumped back and forth, and couldn’t get into either one wholeheartedly for the whole day.

This is exhausting.

Everyone has limited time and energy, we need to be extremely focused and do only one thing at a time. Do several important things at the same time will only end up doing none of them well.

More importantly, you will be anxious during this process, unable to live in the present and miss every minute and every second of life in front of you.

If you’re not a financially free, well-resourced, successful person, don’t try to do both.

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1 Insight From Others

The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.

— Nassim Taleb

1 Small Step To Take

“My Float”:

Simply think about this: Do you have any floats that you don’t want to watch wholeheartedly, but you have thrown out and keep looking at, hoping to catch something?

Like something that can make money? your current job? Someone who might like you? Or the habit of buying lottery tickets?

Then decide, you can only choose one, give up the other, don’t try to do both.

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Ted Wild

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