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Reality: The Biggest Wheat

Read on  | 2023.8.8 | #22

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1 Insight From Me

You are facing a wheat field.

You can pick wheat 100 times, but you can only hold one wheat in your hand. How to pick the biggest wheat?

Some people got the biggest one for the first time. Some people find the biggest one for the 100th time. Most people find the biggest one but give them up, and end up with a moderately large one.

So, when to stop?

Socrates says 37. The first 37 times, you just pick and throw away all the 37 wheat. The first one that is bigger than the previous 37 is your answer.

However, life is not a math problem.

sometimes you need to

Leave someone you love.

Leave a place you love.

Even if you know, it is very likely that for the rest of your life, you will never meet such a lovely person or go to a place with such a comfortable climate.

You still have to leave.

Because you know leaving is the right decision, even if it hurts.

Because when you look back, life is not the last wheat you hold in your hand, but the process of picking the wheat.

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1 Insight From Others

Closing one door to walk through another doesn’t mean goodbye. It means believing in yourself and intuition to create your best self in the unknown.”

― Brittany Burgunder

1 Small Step To Take

Ask These 4 Questions Before Giving Up

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