No Fairness In The World

Why can others be born into a rich family, while I work hard to earn some wages, and have to take care of my family?

Why do people who deceive live so well, while my parents worked hard for half their lives only to end up seriously ill?

Why did a car accident happen to a young and promising person?

Why I am the one who was hurt, but if I want to live happily, the only way is to forgive those who hurt me first?

This is not FAIR!

Fairness is the driving force behind a lot of our life problems, it’s also the core of happiness, it’s just we don’t notice it normally.

No fairness in nature

There is no fairness in nature. Everyone is born into different circumstances and has different luck later in life.

It’s not possible that “Everyone has equally good and bad luck in their whole life.” Some people can live a smooth life but some people’s life road is filled with bumps and pitfalls. And how can someone die at age 20 and age 80 both have exactly 50% good and bad luck in their lives?

There is a limit to joy of life, but no limit to suffering.

There is also no such thing as “You are already at the bottom, so any direction is upwards.” Sorry, but no. Just when you think life could not get any worse, well, it can always surprise you.

From nature’s perspective, the world is material and random, yall are just a bunch of creatures sprinkled onto this planet, it gives no damn about if someone who named himself Tim or Ted is happy or not.

No fairness in human society

Modern governments make policies to try to make some fairness in this unfair world, but that’s not the default of human society. Remember slavery?

Nature is the first level, society is the second level. The amount of fairness that society creates is not enough to compensate for the unfairness of nature. You can set a point as the admission line of a college, but students who were born into a family with well-educated parents just get a better chance of being accepted.

No fairness in life

The rule of this life game is not fair.

We are all players, not designers of this life game, all we can do is accept its unfair rules.

The rule of this life game is: If your goal is happiness, then no matter what life throws at you, you need to accept, forgive, and lower your expectation.

No matter it’s success, failure, pain, or joy.

No fairness by default in this world.

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