The 4 unfairnesses of life

The 4 biggest unfairnesses of life are: Born unfairness, hurt unfairness, future unfairness, moral unfairness.

1. Born unfairness

Some are born rich.

Some are born disabled.

Some are born in the U.S.

Some are born in Uganda.

Which lottery we draw is not up to us. All we can do is accept.

2. Hurt unfairness

No one got out of childhood unhurt, but some are hurt badly.

The major obstacle of the whole healing journey is this hurt unfairness.

The way to heal all our bad mindsets that developed from our childhood trauma, is to forgive whoever or whatever hurt us, so we can accept the past and start living the future.

But this forgiving step is so unfair! Why I am the one who got hurt, but the only way out is I need to forgive them first? This is so! un! fair!

3. Future unfairness

The world doesn’t give a damn about what you want, it just works on its own rules and throws all kinds of good or bad shit at you. And you don’t know what will happen.

This can be really unfair sometimes.

4. Moral unfairness

There is no such thing as karma.

If someone slaps you in the face and you slap back, that’s not karma, that’s revenge. Karma is when someone slaps you, you hope tomorrow lightning will strike him for you.

We are optimized for survival, and from nature’s perspective, being a morally good or bad person is not even a parameter in the survival equation. What matters is if someone has enough resources, if he is smart, if he can predict and prepare.

Remember The Big Short? The financial crisis wiped out the savings of millions of normal people and made them jobless or homeless, but the Wall Street fund managers and the bad officials are still enjoying parties on their yachts without a penny lost.

So unfair.

But, there are also 4 fairnesses of life.


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